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Live HKT 09:00 AM - HKT 09:10 AM
Joint Opening Session for HKTDC Entrepreneur Day and HKTDC SmartBiz Expo 2021
Language: English (with SI service in Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Ms Margaret Fong
    Executive Director, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • The Hon Paul CHAN Mo-po, GBM, GBS, MH, JP
    Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
Live HKT 09:30 AM - HKT 10:30 AM
T-Chat: How to be a Global Class Company and Achieve Global Scale?
It is always easier said than done when it comes to expanding your business world-wide. In order to be a global class company and achieve global scale, every business would need to be strategically prepared especially at the post-pandemic era. Klaus Wehage, who is commonly known as the “Silicon Valley Ambassador” and led a numerous number of international partnerships and worked with 35+ markets and over 500+ founders, government officials and corporate business leaders, will share his insight on this subject matter. This is the session you shouldn’t miss!
Language: English (with SI service in Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Mr Aaron McDaniel
    Co-Founder, 10X Innovation Lab
Live HKT 01:30 PM - HKT 02:30 PM
Disrupting the Art and Creative Industry – Art Tech
Art nowadays is not only about oil and paints, while technology has kicked in and created a new form of art. Together with the hottest topic in the market, NFT, this session is something that you wouldn’t want to miss.
Co-organiser: EDigest
Language: Cantonese (with SI service in English and Mandarin)
  • Mr Marcus Suen
    Head of Brand Innovation, EDigest
  • Mr Hanjin Tan
    Co-Founder, Naffiti
  • Mr Arthur Yau
    Founder, Paititi Limited
  • Ms Gillian Howard
    Co-founder and Fair Director, Digital Art Fair
Live HKT 03:30 PM - HKT 05:00 PM
HKTDC and Hang Seng Bank - Seminar on Innovation and Technology Development
Jointly organised by the HKTDC and Hang Seng Bank, this session brings together representatives from Hong Kong SMEs and start-ups to share their views on the outlook for the development of innovation and technology locally. The session will also cover innovative technologies and banking services that can help traditional SMEs and start-ups overcome operational challenges and expand their business in both Hong Kong and the GBA.
Co-organiser: Hang Seng Bank
Language: Cantonese (with SI service in English and Mandarin)
  • Mr Nicholas Kwan
    Director of Research, HKTDC
  • Mr Gilbert Lee
    Head of Strategy & Planning and Chief of Staff to CE, Hang Seng Bank
  • Mr John Wong
    Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, Hang Seng Bank
  • Mr Stark Chan
    Founder, Bull.B Technology Limited
  • Mr Sam Chu
    General Manager, Aurora Tele-Oncology Limited
Live HKT 05:30 PM - HKT 06:30 PM
Food Tech – The Alternative Food Trend
With people being more health and environmentally conscious, food technology has been gaining more attention and the community is getting bigger. Learn from the industry experts on different types of alternative meat options (including edible insects, cultivated fish meat and craft beer from upcycled breads)
Language: English (with SI service in Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Ms Katharina Unger
    Founder and CEO, LIVIN farms
  • Ms Carrie Chan
    CEO, Avant Meats Company Limited
  • Ms Anushka Purohit
    CEO & Co-Founder, Breer Limited
Live HKT 10:00 AM - HKT 10:45 AM
Green Entrepreneurs: Embrace Sustainability
Green and social entrepreneurship creates a green industry, which helps to solve environmental problems through the development of innovative solutions. Some start-ups go green either to reduce environmental harm or to gain consumer support. Join this session to learn more about the latest insight of the green industry!
Co-organiser: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Language: Cantonese (with SI service in English and Mandarin)
  • Mr Gary Tang
    Coordinator (Services), The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
  • Mr Alex Tam
    Founder, EcoSage Limited
  • Mr Alma Ching
    Co-Founder, Homify Engineering & Design Company Limited
  • Mr Austin Lam
    Co-Founder, Homify Engineering & Design Company Limited
  • Ms. Prema Cheung
    Founder, Atelier Zero Company Limited
  • Ms Grace Ho
    Grace Ho, Founder and CEO, Veggroom Limited
Live HKT 11:30 AM - HKT 12:30 PM
Culture-as-a-Service: The New Segment Ushered in by Home Office Work
The pandemic has undoubtedly speeded up the implementation of home office and hybrid workplace. Companies have to re-think of ways to enhance the productivity of their employees, as well as to maintain their engagement and carried out a number of HR-related work. Culture-as-a-Service (CaaS) is a term to describe the new wave of companies designed to productise and facilitate the growth and development of a company’s culture.
Language: English (with SI service in Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Ms Jessica Baird Walsh
    Co-Founder and CEO, Remote Social
  • Mr Yeung Shing
    Co-Founder, Quokka HR
Live HKT 03:00 PM - HKT 04:00 PM
Unicorn Fireside Chat – New Normal New Future
The lingering pandemic has definitely imposed a lot of challenges for multiple industries in the globe. However, it has also created a number of business opportunities and pathed the way for the new normal and new future. With the first ever unicorn in Thailand, Flash Express, was born, the session will explore its successful journey starting in Thailand, together the HK unicorn Airwallex, who will discuss on its strategical reaction towards the pandemic to maintain its development in the industry.
Language: Mandarin (with SI service in Cantonese and English)
  • Mr Komsan Sae Lee
    CEO and Founder, Flash Express Co., Ltd
  • Mr Arnold Chan
    Head of SME, Hong Kong & Singapore, Airwallex
Live HKT 03:30 PM - HKT 04:30 PM
HK Tech 300 – Venture Beyond Boundaries
HK Tech 300 is a large-scale flagship innovation and entrepreneurship programme organised by CityU for aspiring entrepreneurs among CityU students, alumni, research staff and others to launch start-ups and ignite their entrepreneurship journey.
Language: English (with SI service in Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Dr Laura Lo
    Associate Vice-President (Chinese Mainland Affairs Office), City University of Hong Kong
  • Mr Chelon Colin Ng
    Founder & CEO, Greater Bay Biotechnology Limited
  • Mr Martin Zhu
    Co-founder i2Cool
  • Mr Andy Ong
    Co-founder , Super Bamboo Ltd.
  • Mr William Fu
    CEO, Leidenford Ltd
Live HKT 04:30 PM - HKT 05:30 PM
Creating a Better Future with SDGs
Committing to the sustainability development is crucial in doing business nowadays. In this session, international experts will share the latest market insight in creating a better future with the sustainable development goals.
Language: English (with SI service in Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Mr Kenneth Kwok
    Founder of Global Citizen Capital and KIDsforSDGs and UpLink Top Innovator
  • Mr John Dutton
    Head of Uplink, World Economic Forum
  • Mr Christian van Maaren
    Founder, Excess Materials Exchange
Live HKT 05:00 PM - HKT 05:45 PM
Enterprise Connect Series: Fujifilm Business Innovation Hong Kong
Collaboration between enterprises and start-ups has become a popular medium to boost profitability, access new markets, acquire new technology and reduce the costs for research & development. Both parties can be benefited from the collaboration and hence lead to a sustainable growth.
Language: Cantonese (with SI service in English and Mandarin)
  • Dr Jacky Ng
    Principal Engineer, Fujifilm Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited
  • Mr Lee Chapman
    Director, Imsight technology Company
Live HKT 11:30 AM - HKT 12:00 PM
Technology Transfer – From Academia to the Commercial World
Advanced and disruptive technology are often born in a laboratory, but there is always a gap between academic research and commercial applications. In this session, industry expert will share about the commercialisation of intellectual properties and turning innovative start-up ideas into the commercial applications
Language: Cantonese (with SI service in English and Mandarin)
  • Ms Kate Cheung
    IP Licensing Manager, Hong Kong Baptist University, Knowledge Transfer
Live HKT 01:30 PM - HKT 02:30 PM
Tackling the Pain-points in Online Businesses
Online Businesses are far more than just selling and buying. Significant amount of cost has been involved due to the return policies by online retailers which give rise to the number of fraud cases, as well as the logistic expense involved in the returning process. To tackle such pain-points, innovators have come up with a number of solutions to avoid the unnecessary risk and expense!
Language: English (with SI service in Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Ms Sarah Roden
    Head of Operations, APAC, Riskified
  • Mr Roy Wan
    Cofounder & CEO, Return Helper Limited
Live HKT 02:30 PM - HKT 03:30 PM
Road to Success – Celebreneurship
Entrepreneurial spirit is a valuable factor for a successful entrepreneur, which are often found in athletes and artists as well. In this session, we will invite athletes or artists to share their road to success in starting their business.
Language: Cantonese (with SI service in English and Mandarin)
  • Ms Leona Wong
    CEO, Leona Wong Consultant Limited
  • Ms Bernice Liu
    Director, Wine Maven
  • Mr Alex Fong Lik Sun
    Co-Founder, Hong Kong Swimming Academy


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